Our Vision

At D2i Church, we dare to imagine! Our vision is to be a contemporary, Christ-centered, Bible-based community.  We are a diverse fellowship committed to representing the love of Jesus Christ as we dare to imagine and create a better society for our families, our communities, and the world.

Our Mission

D2i’s core mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ, empowering them to dare to imagine and live a better life.

At D2i Church we dare to:

* Imagine
* Teach and Live the Bible
* Be Proactive in Evangelism
* Praise God and Be Creative in Worship
* Love, Fellowship, and Value Community
* Be Authentic
* Produce Change Agents
* Be Excellent
* Be Relevant, Accessible, and Tech-Friendly
* Be Faithful
* Bless Others Through Our Gifts

Our Faith Beliefs

* There is One True God
* Jesus Christ is the Son of God
* The Bible is the Inspired Word of God
* The Fall of Humankind
* The Salvation of Humankind
* Ordinance of Baptism
* Ordinance of Communion
* The Church & Its Mission
* Generosity