SEPTEMBER SERMON SERIES: Join us on Sundays as Pastor KJ kicks off a new sermon series “SHIFT NOW.” This series will inspire and motivate you to live your best life for God! Come hear this powerful message at both 9am & 11am services.

SISTERS’ SOIREE: Join us for the Sisters’ Soiree with Fall Flair! Come have fun, fellowship, hear the vision for our Dare to Imagine Women, and sign-up! Prize awarded to the sister with the most fall style! Be sure to invite others sisters to join us!


Join the Team, Build the Dream! The best way for Dare to Imagine feel like your community is to GET INVOLVED!


Download our D2i App (iPhone or Android) by texting “D2ichurch App” to 77977, and we will gladly give you a 10% discount on your next D2i gear!

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