Addressing the needs of the growing D2i ministry and community programs.

Our Impact On The Community

We Dare to Bless Others

Dare to Imagine has already made a significant investment in the city of Philadelphia as a result of Pastor KJ and Dare to Imagine Church’s commitment to reinvest a minimum of 10% back into the community. By January 2017, Dare to Imagine contributed more than $80,000 in support of various initiatives and organizations throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

Our Vision
At Dare to Imagine Church (D2I), we dare to imagine a world of new possibilities! Our vision is to be a contemporary, Christ-centered, Bible-based community. We are a diverse fellowship committed to representing the love of Jesus Christ as we dare to imagine and create a better society for our families, our communities, and the world.

Our Mission
D2I’s core mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ, empowering them to dare to imagine and live a better life

Dare To Multiply
Since its inception, D2I Church has grown from 20 to nearly 800 members.

D2I’s core mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ, empowering them to dare to imagine and live a better life. In order to this, we must acquire a permanent location so that we can accommodate our continued growth in membership and have an even greater impact within the community.

Who We Are
In 2014, God placed the seed of D2I in the heart and spirit of our lead pastor, Kevin R. Johnson, affectionately known as, Pastor KJ. D2I Church was publicly launched in March 2015.

Dare to Imagine

the D2i Campus

Dare to Imagine

a worship space of our own

Dare to Imagine

our Leadership Institute

Dare to Imagine

a charter school

Our Total Goal is $200,000
Our Total Goal is $200,000

Dare to Imagine

the D2incubator Suite

Dare to Imagine

the fitness facilities

Dare to Imagine

our park

Dare to Imagine

the blessings

This is about so much more than a building. This is about changing lives. Your financial gift will help us empower the Philadelphia community through the Dare to Imagine Campus. Step out on Dare to Imagine Faith with us. Let’s imagine the incredible change your generosity can fuel.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $200K by 31 January 2019 to install an HVAC system and purchase needed equipment, tools and other materials.

To address the needs of the growing D2i ministry and programs, we must raise $200K. The $200K will be used to install a new HVAC system in the Kidz and Teen Zone ($40K). Purchase tables, chairs, whiteboards, etc. for all 14 classrooms in the Kidz, Teen and Imagination Zones ($70K). Complete the legal and zoning requirements to officially launch the Dare to Imagine Early Learning Academy and purchase all furniture and equipment ($40K). Renovate the Grand Café by painting, completing electrical work and furnishing the café ($30K). With $200K, we will be able to cover all renovations and have $20K in cash reserves in the Dream Fund.

Our Dare to Imagine campus is growing! Our Kidz and Teen Zone are adding new youth weekly to the ministry. The Dare to Imagine Community Development Corporation (CDC) will open the Dare to Imagine Early Learning Academy in early 2019. The CDC will also launch workforce and job training programs in web development, coding, and plumbing. In sum, we have the facility for our programs, but our programs do not have the equipment, tools, and materials needed for success. In order to effectively fulfill and implement the vision of Dare to Imagine, funds are needed to install a new HVAC unit in the Kidz and Teen Zone, purchase equipment and materials for our youth, CDC, and other programs.

Dare to Imagine

the growth

Dare to Imagine

our impact

Dare to Imagine

the future

Dare to Imagine

the possibilities



In 2014, God blessed us with a mighty vision. Since our inception, our community has been fueled by audacious Dare to Imagine Faith.

It is that level of faith that inspired Kimya and I to invite 20 people to our home to talk about the possibility of planting a church. That bold faith motivated those initial believers to spend their weekends with us daring to imagine something that was innovative, progressive and life-changing.

That bold Dare to Imagine Faith led us to purchase our first property, a 6.8-acre campus in Mt. Airy. It is the Dare to Imagine Faith that inspires us to live out our mission of connecting people to Jesus Christ, empowering them to dare to imagine and live a better life.

Dare to Imagine Faith that has grown our church from 20 to now nearly 800 members in just four years! That bold faith has also motivated us to invest over $100K to bless and serve our Philadelphia community.

While we are thankful for how the LORD has blessed and honored our faithfulness to Him, we know God still expects so much more from this community called Dare to Imagine. And that is why I am asking you to support The Dream Fund.

In order to implement the next phase of D2i’s vision and mission, we will need to raise $200K by 31 January 2019.

Our Kidz and Teen Zones are growing every week, filled with our children who are excited to learn about the Lord. However, the Kidz and Teen Zones do not have sufficient heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. The Kidz and Teen Zones do not have chairs, tables, whiteboards, crayons, paper, books and other materials that would really enhance our children’s experience as they learn about Jesus Christ and make new friends.

We are Dare to Imagine! Excellence is one of our core values and we cannot expect God to bless us abundantly if we are operating with mediocre faith.

It’s time for us to implement the next phase of God’s vision for the Dare to Imagine Campus! Can you imagine a new Kidz and Teen Zone? Can you imagine a workforce and job training center in partnership with Dare to Imagine Community Development Corporation? Can you imagine a campus that is bustling with young families, singles, couples, men, women, and children?

Can you imagine a community with technology that not only reaches those who come to worship, but also those who watch via Livestream, Facebook Live, Twitter and other social media platforms?

D2i, as we enter 2019, God is calling us to take the Dare to Imagine Movement to a higher level of outreach and impact. He has called us to imagine His full purpose for our lives, our church, and our community. With God, nothing is impossible! As we all make a sacrificial gift to the Dream Fund, we will fulfill His vision. I can see it — Can you?

Join me as we dare to dream, as we Dare to Imagine! Support The Dream Fund.

Pastor KJ

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